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Montana of 300 is Taking Command with His New Project: "Views from the General's Helmet"

Since 2015 Montana of 300 has been steadily making his presence in the rap game known. From posts with high profile industry figures, to remixes of popular tracks, and a catalog of mixtapes to boast.

In his new project (released May 20th, the same as all his other albums prior) "Views from the General's Helmet" he shows that with 4 solid years in the rap game, he now has the opertunity to observe as a veteran, while still being able to take charge and assert his dominance. Montana has always been a lyrical artist, and in his new work not much has changed, but this tracklist is much more braggadocios and cocky. Within the 10 songs he manages to reflect on his family and rise to fame while still pushing a strong message for his would be doubters- Montana of 300 has always been a warrior, he just wants you to know now, he's the general.

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